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Here, we answer all your questions and tell you everything you need to know about these pedal-assist bikes.

Ebikes or electric bikes are bicycles that have been fitted with a motor and battery. The first electric bike dates from the 1880s but, a lot has changed since then and, the creation of compact and powerful engines along with punchy li-ion batteries has led to the e-bikes as we know them today.

How do e-bikes make cycling easier?

The electric bikes motor assist you as you cycle and make pedalling easier. You still have to pedal to get assistance. When you start pedalling, the motor engages and gives you a boost so you can cruise effortlessly through town or get up any hills without breaking a sweat. As you cycle, power is sent to the motor. The harder you pedal, the more power it receives, giving you control over your speed. But, this comes with a limit. The pedal-assist on the e-bikes is limited to 25km/hour. Once this limit is passed, the motor support is deactivated. It does not mean you can not go faster than 25km/hour but, it just means you will go above that speed without motor drive.
The pedal assistance given by the motor and battery makes these bikes fun and opens new possibilities. 


Who should use an electric bike?

The e-bikes are for everyone. The beauty of electric bikes is that they are designed for complete beginners and avid mountain bikers alike. E-bikes open new possibilities. While bringing your shopping bags back on your bike used to be a chore, it is now a pleasure with the likes of e cargo bikes. No hills is ever a problem anymore as the power assist of these bikes helps you up any inclines. And, no commute is too long to do on an e-bike. The range of an electric bike's battery allowing for up to 120km assisted! 
E-bikes are also a great equalizer. With an ebike, you can go out on rides with people of all abilities and finally match your fitness superstar friend. 

Ebikes will change your life for the better whether you:

  • Want to improve fitness gradually
  • Are trying to avoid traffic and the expense of running a car
  • Enjoy touring and cycling holidays
  • Want an easy commute to work
  • Have joint or cardiac issues or are recovering from injury
  • Want to rediscover the joy of cycling
  • Want to cycle with your fitter cycling friends


Electric Bike VS Car

It is no secret that commuting has become a big part of our life and we are all trying to make it as good as possible. E-bikes might be a great solution to an all too common problem. 
First of all, let us say it aloud they are a lot of fun to ride. If you do not believe us, visit our store and take a test drive to judge for yourself. We offer a 24hours test drive on all our electric bikes. Just call into one of our stores with your passport to organize it. 

Ebikes will also save you money. In the long run, electric bikes are a massive cost-savers compared to cars. The initial cost might be high but, it is way cheaper to run than a car. 
With an e-bike, you have no insurance fees, no annual tax to pay and, the maintenance cost is nothing compared to the one of a car. 
As an average, the cost per charge for an ebike is around €1. This cost is nothing compared to what you put in your car for a weekly commute. 
As e-bikes are pedal-assist bikes, you still need to pedal; and therefore, burn some calories and get your heart pumping. The same physical advantages as riding a regular bike apply and, e-bikes will help you keep healthy. And, if you need to get somewhere without arriving sweaty, you can increase the pedal assistance to prevent this from happening and enjoy a comfortable ride while still making a healthy choice for your body. 
Another advantage of an electric bike is that it allows you to access cycling lanes and less used paths for a quicker commute. With an ebike, you will rarely be stuck in traffic. 
Finally, while cars are handy and we all love them, they are one of the main contributors to air pollution. Ebikes are an environmentally-friendly alternative to an automobile for day to day driving. It might not replace a car for everything (although some of the e cargo bikes are very close to) but, it is a fantastic alternative if you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint.


An e-bike for every need.

As e-bike’s popularity grew, so did the range accessible. There are now electric bikes available for any riding type. 
From the spectacular high-capacity of an e cargo bike that can haul up to 90kg of load while still cruising effortlessly to the high-performance electric mountain bike, there is sure to be an e-bike for you. 


Some technical stats.

  • Cycling burns up to 500 calories per hour whether you are on an ebike or standard bike.
  • You do not need a license to use a pedal-assist bike (as long as the assist is limited to 25km/h), but you need to be over 12 years of age to use one. 
  • Charging an e-bike is the same as charging your phone. Each e-bike is supplied with a charger. 
  • It takes between 4 to 9 hours to charge an electric bike's battery fully. The charging time depends on the battery model installed on your bike. 
  • The battery should last up to 10 years. Bosch estimates that you should get 55000km before your battery starts to fade. To get the most out of your battery and extend its battery life, we recommend that you keep your battery out of the cold. 
  • You should get about 80km on a single charge on average. Although this depends on a few factors: type of roads, temperature, rider’s weight, assist mode used, etc.

Why buy an e-bike with Eurocycles?

EXPERT SERVICE: Like any bike, electric bikes need to be serviced regularly. Our expert mechanics in our Longmile Road store are trained to work on e-bikes delivering quality repairs and service every time.  

FREE TEST DRIVE: We offer a 24h test drive on our e-bike range. Just call into one of our stores with your passport and ask one of our team members or book your test drive online. Alternatively, you can request a test drive by filling our contact form

CYCLE TO WORK: Electric bicycles fall under the cycle to work scheme. You can avail of the same tax relief as you do on any other bikes to the limit of €1500. 

EXTENSIVE QUALITY RANGE:  We stock over 100 e-bikes from quality brands like Scott, Bergamont and Raleigh. Whether you are a commuter looking to get away from peak hour traffic with a hybrid electric bike or a mountain biker looking to explore more and make going up the hills easier with an e-MTB, we have the e-bike for you. 

Contact our store now to book your test drive.