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Cycle to work scheme how does it work?

Cycle to work scheme, how does it work?

Now more than ever, cycling to work makes sense. With the price of petrol rising, commuting to your workplace is a healthy, cost-effective, and ecological option. 

Set up in 2009, the Bike to Work scheme allows you to save up to 52% on the cost of a bike and accessories. The Cycle to Work scheme covers bicycles, e-bikes, electric scooters, helmets, clothing, locks, and lights, to name a few. Our extensive selection of high-quality bikes and cycling equipment allows you to find the perfect match for your needs. 

Using the Bike to Work scheme, you can purchase a new bike and safety equipment through a salary sacrifice arrangement with your employer for the value of up to €1250 on a standard bike and €1500 on an electric bike while your employer can save on Employers PRSI. 

What are the benefits of getting a bike through the cycles to work scheme?

Cycle to work benefits for employees


- Save up to 52% off your bike and accessories up to €1250 on mechanical bikes and €1500 on e-bikes.

- Save on fuel, parking, public transport, and time

- Get fit

- Beat the traffic

- No administration fees


- Save on PRSI Payments

- Healthier staff = more productive staff

- No administration fees

- Fast turnaround

- Enhance your company’s environmental image

Cycle to work employers benefits

How do I order my bike with the Cycle to Work Scheme?

cycle to work how to order
Cycle to work how to order
Cycle to work how to order
Cycle to work how to order

To place a cycle to work order, select your items and add them to your basket. 

When you have chosen your bike and safety equipment, go to the checkout page.

Once you have entered your details, you will be asked to select the payment method. Choose “Cycle to Work” and complete your order.

You will then receive a quote to pass on to your employer within the next 72 hours.

Once your employer has paid for your bicycle and accessories, we will process your order and let you know when it is ready for dispatch/collection.

Alternatively, you can call into one of our stores where our friendly staff will advise you on the best bike and accessories for your needs, as well as guide you through the paperwork.

Please note that we recommend you pay a 20% deposit when placing your order to secure the bike you selected. As stock fluctuates, we cannot guarantee the bicycle you chose will be in stock when the payment from your employer is received unless a deposit is paid towards it. 

Where can I buy my bike with the cycle to work scheme?

You can directly purchase your bike and accessories on our website and select cycle to work as your payment method at the checkout. Or, you can visit one of our two stores in Airside, Swords and Longmile Road, where our friendly and knowledgeable team members will be happy to help you find the ideal bike for you. 

We have a wide selection of bikes and cycling accessories for quality brands like Scott, Bergamont, Raleigh, Altura, Abus, Cateye and more. 

We are delivering assembled bikes straight to your door all over Ireland. Our expert mechanics build every bicycle with care and to the highest standards, whether you are getting it delivered or you choose to collect it in one of our two Dublin bike shops. 

In addition, we provide a FREE first essential service when you purchase a bike from us. 

How much can I save with the cycle to work scheme?

How much you save depends on your income. However, you can save up to 52% on the cost of your bike and bike accessories. 

cycle to work how much savings
Calculate your savings
Your annual earnings:
Cost of bike & accessories:
Based on earnings the taxation rate is:
Your total cost after savings is:

We suggest you try our cycle to work calculator to give you an idea of how much you can save using the scheme.

Voucher Payment schemes?

We partner with 3rd party voucher-based schemes. We accept the following:

- Cyclescheme

- Tax Free Bicycles

- Biketowork


Please do not hesitate in contacting us if you require any information from us regarding these partners. 


We do however recommend company to company bank transfer as we can look after you in all the steps of your order without any 3rd party involved. 

Bike to work FAQ

Can I buy accessories on the cycle to work scheme?
Yes, you can add any cycling accessories to your bike purchase or even exclusively purchase accessories with the bike to work scheme. 


How to qualify for the cycle to work scheme?
All you need to do is to agree with your employer on the terms of your repayments. 


What does my employer have to do?
When you order your bicycle through the cycle to work payment method, we send you an invoice within 72 hours to pass on to your employer. All your employer needs to do is arrange payment of the invoice to us and agree to the terms of your repayments with you.

We accept credit cards, cheques and bank transfers. However, please note that we cannot take credit card payments over the phone. If your employer wishes to pay by credit card, please, contact us on 014263610.


How do I get a quote for my employer?
To get a quote for your employer, place a cycle to work order as mentioned above, and we will email you a quote within the next 72 hours. 

Once your employer has paid for your bicycle and accessories, we will process your order and contact you when we have it all ready for dispatch/collection.


What if I want to buy a bike that costs more than the limit?
Of course, you can buy a bike or accessories costing above the €1500 plateau fixed by the scheme. If you decide on a higher-priced bike, you will have to pay for the balance yourself.

For example, you can purchase a bike costing €2000 through the scheme. You will have to pay €500 directly, and the €1500 remaining will be paid through the scheme as a salary sacrifice.


What if I change my job/retire and have yet to pay for my bike?
If you change work or retire before paying for your bike in full, you will have to check with your current employers how much is left to pay and settle the outstanding balance before the date of ceasing employment/retirement. 


How often can I avail of the cycle to work scheme?
The cycle to work scheme can be used every 4 years. If you are unsure of when was the last time you used the scheme, you need to talk to your accounts payable. They will be able to tell you.


What can I order through the Cycle to Work Scheme?
You can purchase bikes, electric bikes, scooters and cycling accessories and equipment through the Bike to Work scheme. It includes cycling clothing, helmets and other cycling equipment like bike locks, bike lights, mudguards, bells, panniers and other bicycle accessories. The scheme is not restricted to city bikes, and you can purchase any type (mountain bike, ebike, folding bike, road bike, gravel bike,...) as long as you can justify using the bike to cycle to work. 


Can I avail of both the Travel Pass/Commuter Ticket and the Cycle to Work Scheme?
Yes. They are not mutually exclusive. 


Can I buy an electric bike through the Cycle to Work Scheme?
The Cycle to Work scheme applies to any pedal-assist bikes, including e-bikes. However, the scheme is capped at €1500. If the electric bike you are looking to purchase costs more, you will have to pay for the balance directly. 


Why should I cycle to work?
If you are still on the fence about cycle to work, take our word for it. Our team members cycle to our Dublin bike stores every day and love it. 


“Saved so much since I started cycling to work and I feel fresher every day. Takes the routine feeling out of the day’s work.” – Marion, web team


“I drive all day doing the deliveries so, cycling in and from work is my way of getting fit and keeping the heart ticking.” - Liam, delivery team



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