Electric Bikes

Electric Bikes

An electric bike can become your best ally for all your cycling activities. The wide range of e-bikes on offer assure that there is an electric bicycle for everybody. Choose from commuter e-bikes, road e-bikes, electric mountain bikes and make your cycling experience an easier one.


Why choose an electric bike?

If you are a commuter and want to get away from peak hour traffic, if you want to reduce your transport costs in a practical and affordable manner, then the electric bike is the solution for you.
If you enjoy cycling but don’t feel up to the challenges that can come your way (hills, headwinds…) then the e-bikes are a great way to still practice your favourite sport.
If you want to go further and faster, then choose an e-bike.
Electric bikes are economic, ecologically friendly and will never let you down. You can always pedal home if any issue arises.

How does it work?

The electric bikes are bicycles that have been fitted with a motor and a battery. It gives you a boost of power as you cycle. You still need to pedal to get assistance. The harder you cycle, the more power is sent to the motor.

Who is it for?

E-bikes are perfect for people who:

  • Want to improve fitness gradually
  • Are looking to avoid traffic and the expense of running a car
  • Enjoy touring and cycling holidays
  • Want an easy commute to work
  • Have joint or cardiac issues or are recovering from injury
  • Want to rediscover the joy of cycling

Do you still get the health benefit of cycling with an electric bike?

Cycling burns up to 500 calories per hour. As you still have to pedal to get the motor assistance, you will still get a good work out with an electric bike.

Do you need a licence?

As long as your pedal assisted electric bike cannot travel faster than 25km/hour you do not need a license, insurance or motor tax. The only restriction is to be over 12 years of age.

How does the battery work?

Charging the electric bikes Lithium battery works the same way as charging a mobile phone. Each e-bike is supplied with a charger.
It takes between 4 to 6 hours to fully charge the battery. The battery should last between 3 to 5 years if you look after it.

How far can I go?

This depends on quite a few factors (type of roads driven on, temperature, rider's weight...). However on average you should get about 80km on one charge. You can get a good idea of how far you can go by using Bosch's ebike range assistant.

Ebikes are certainly a little bit more expensive than your standard bike but we think you need to look at it as an investment. If you end up leaving your car behind, you will save money on maintenance, gas and parking money. The running costs are very low too, a full battery charge costs around €1/charge and an average commuter should only need one charge a week. In the long run, you'll end up saving a lot compared to your car or public transport commute. On top of that, you'll also save time and get healthier. 

Servicing and Repairs

Like any bikes, the electric bikes need to be serviced regularly.Our expert mechanics in Swords and the Longmile Road are trained to work on electric bikes delivering quality repairs and service every time.


Take it for a test drive

We offer a 24 hours test drive on our electric bikes. Just call in to one of stores with you passport and just ask one of our team members or book your test drive online here: 


Save with the Cycle To Work Scheme

Electric bicycles fall under the cycle to work scheme. You can avail of the same tax relief as you do on any other bikes to the limit of €1000.