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Turbo Trainers Explained

Posted by Eurocycles on 29th Sep 2021

Cycling is very much weather dependent and, while you can cycle in most conditions, wet, rainy and cold dark days don't make for fun cycling. But, this does not mean that you can't train and use your … read more

How to Degrease a Bicycle Chain

Posted by Eurocycles on 22nd Aug 2016

We all know how easy it is to let dirt and muck build up on your chain. Keeping your drive train tip-top improves shift quality and increases the lifespan of your bike too. Getting this j … read more

Choosing a Bike Lock

Posted by Eurocycles on 20th Jul 2016

Need to know what locks best suit your needs and your bike? Anthony from our Longmile Road Store takes a look at the options you have to choose from. … read more

Choosing A Kids Bike

Posted by Eurocycles on 8th Jun 2016

Choosing a kids bike can generate an endless amount of questions, so let Anthony from our Longmile Store explain what you should look out for when purchasing a kids bike.See our range of Kids Bik … read more

Eurocycles Guide To Bike Fitting

Posted by Eurocycles on 19th May 2016

Benefits of Bike Fitting Now, nutrition, equipment and conditioning do play the fundamental factors in bike performance. But one other area that is so often overlooked is to correctly fit your bike … read more

How to Replace an Inner Bicycle Tube

Posted by Eurocycles on 25th Apr 2016

Changing a bicycle tube is a straight forward process. Anthony, from our Longmile Road Store shows you how it's done. If you don't already have them, here are the tools you will need: … read more