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Cybex Sport Zeno - Creme/Orange Frame

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  • Cybex Sport Zeno - Creme/Orange Frame- Mali Blue Seat Pack
  • Cybex Sport Zeno - Creme/Orange Frame- Medal Grey Seat Pack
  • Cybex Sport Zeno - Creme/Orange Frame- Black Seat Pack
  • Cybex Sport Zeno - Creme/Orange Frame- Pink Seat Pack
  • Cybex Sport Zeno - Creme/Orange Frame- Beached Sand Seat Pack
  • Cybex Sport Zeno - Creme/Orange Frame
  • Cybex Sport Zeno adjustable handlebar
  • Cybex Sport Zeno compact folding
  • Cybex Sport Zeno multisport adapter point
  • Cybex Sport Zeno adjustable cabin height
  • Cybex Sport Zeno 360° ventilation
  • Cybex Sport Zeno comfortable ride thanks to its suspension
  • Cybex Sport Zeno handbrake for safety and tether strap
  • Cybex Sport Zeno reflective details
  • Cybex Sport Zeno ultra comfortable padded sport seat
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  • Cybex Sport Zeno Seat Pack - Pink
  • Cybex Sport Zeno Seat Pack - Medal Grey
  • Cybex Sport Zeno Seat Pack - Mali Blue
  • Cybex Sport Zeno Seat Pack - Black
  • Cybex Sport Zeno Seat Pack - Beached Sand
  • Cybex Sport Zeno Cycling Kit
  • Cybex Sport Zeno Hands Free Running Kit


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Cybex Sport Zeno 4in1 Running Trailer - Cream/Orange Frame

The Cybex Zeno 4-in-1 Child Trailer is designed for sport allowing you to exercise with no limits. Its one-of-a-kind 4-in-1 multisport feature lets you enjoy being active in any season whether you are jogging in the park, running or cycling in the city, or skiing through the snow. Its innovative pull-behind feature leaves your hands and arms free so you can run naturally. There are no limits to performing your best and feeling great while doing it, while you child watches your run. With the Zeno trailer, there is no need to book a babysitter or call in a family member's favour to go exercise. Just bring your little one with you. 

Whether you're push-running, hands-free running, cycling or cross-country skiing, share your active lifestyle with your child while performing your best. The innovative hands-free feature of the Cybex Zeno lets you move your upper body freely for a natural running style. Adding extra safety and comfort, the hands-free feature of the Zeno helps you conserve energy, and gives your child a chance to watch you in action. The rounded handlebar shape is ergonomically designed for efficient steering and can be used to fit your height. It can be steered with one hand, leaving your other arm free to swing naturally for effortless running. Whatever the weather, the shock absorbing silicone grip on the handlebar is slip-proof without being sticky and stays comfortable to hold even during long runs. 
The unique adjustable cabin height of ZENO lets you lower its center of gravity to get the best performance and safety out of all towing modes. When you want to switch to push-running the cabin can be easily raised again for comfort and easy access to your child.  The breathable mesh around the cabin creates 360 degree of air circulation to keep the interior cool and comfortable. The Zeno's UPF50+ materials, adjustable sun shield and rain cover provide protection in the outdoors. For quick and convenient storage, the ZENO can be easily folded into a space-saving package. Additionally, all wheels can be easily removed with no tools required, allowing for an even more compact fold. Throughout your activity your child will stay comfortable, protected and supported with the ZENO's contoured sport seat featuring soft and removable padding. The backseat supports an upright sitting position, while the padded-point harness secures your child. 


  • 4-in-1 Multisport trailer: running, hands-free running, cycling, cross-country skiing.
  • Unique hands-free feature with the hands-free running kit
  • Adjustable cabin height
  • 360° ventilation
  • Comfortable riding experience: Air-filled tyres and rear suspension to absorb bumps.
  • Compact fold within seconds
  • Multisport adapter point to allow for a speedy and secure transition between the different sporting modes.
  • Ultra comfortable padded sport seat.
  • Ergonomic handlebar for one-hand steering 
  • Extra safe: handbrake for speed control and reflective details for extra visibility 
  • Dimensions folded: L 99,5 x W 58 x H 35cm
  • Dimensions unfolded:  L 140-155 x W 68,5 x H 104 -122cm 
  • Suitable from:  6+ months up to approx. 4 years

Items in this pack:

  • Frame
  • Wheels
  • Tyres
  • Seat pack
  • Rain cover

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