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Cycling to work in 2024 - Eurocycles Ireland

The Future of Commuting: Cycling to Work in 2024 and Beyond.

Recently, Minister Eamonn Ryan announced a ban on private cars and commercial vehicles travelling through Dublin city centre to come into effect by August 2024. This announcement, combined with €290 million in funding for cycling and walking infrastructures across Ireland, ensures a bright future for cycling to work in 2024. 

The Rise of Cycling Infrastructure

Busy cycling lane in a town - Eurocycles Ireland

As mentioned, a considerable part of this year's budget is dedicated to cycling infrastructure across the state to develop 1000km of new and improved walking and cycling lanes. This expansion of segregated lanes and bridges will allow more people to cycle to work and ensure safer and more comfortable routes. 

Embracing a Sustainable Lifestyle

With the cost of living increasing, cycling to work makes sense. Saving on fuel bills, car insurance, and tax is another reason to consider cycling to work in 2024. 
Cycling to work is also a sustainable and eco-friendly mode of transport, helping you do your bit for the environment while saving money. 
This shift towards pedal power is not only beneficial for the environment but also offers numerous advantages for individuals seeking a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Health and Wellness Benefits

Cycling to work offers health benefits, including improved cardiovascular fitness, weight management, and reduced stress levels. By incorporating physical activity into their daily routine, commuters can enjoy a more active lifestyle and decrease their risk of various health conditions. Cycling is also a great way to boost mental well-being, allowing you to start your day with fresh air and exercise.

Benefits of cycling to work infographic by Eurocycles Ireland

Overcoming Challenges

While cycling to work offers numerous advantages, there are also challenges that commuters may face, such as inclement weather, long distances, and safety concerns. However, with the right mindset and proper preparation, you can overcome these obstacles. High-quality cycling apparel, adequate route planning, and vigilance will make for a smooth and enjoyable daily commute to work.

Finding the right bike to cycle to work: an easy task with Eurocycles

While infrastructure and a need to reduce commuting costs are at the heart of the cycling-to-work discussion, finding the right bike is paramount. At Eurocycles, we make things simple for you. Aside from our selection of bikes covering all disciplines, we offer you convenient ways to pay for your new bike and accessories. 

CYCLE-TO-WORK SCHEME: ordering a bike via the cycle-to-work scheme with us is as easy as buying with your credit card or PayPal account. All you need to do is select your bike and accessories and choose Cycle to Work as your payment method at checkout. To learn more about the cycle-to-work scheme, see our dedicated page. 

HUMM FINANCE: Alternatively, we have partnered with Humm to let you pay for your bike in instalments. 

20% DEPOSIT: if none of the above solutions suits you, we also offer a 20% deposit option, allowing you to secure your items without paying the entire amount. All you need to do is tick the 20% deposit box at checkout. 

VOUCHER-BASED SCHEMES: At Eurocycles, we accept Cyclescheme, TaxFree Bicycles and BikeToWork vouchers. 

Deposit payment option at Eurocycles Ireland

As we look towards the future of commuting in 2024 and beyond, cycling is set to play a significant role in shaping the way we travel to work. With its environmental benefits, health advantages, and the ongoing development of cycling infrastructure, cycling to work offers a sustainable and rewarding alternative to traditional modes of transportation. By embracing cycling as a means of commuting, you can contribute to a greener future while improving your well-being. Get ready to pedal your way to work and experience the transformative power of cycling in your daily routine.