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Fun bike accessories for kids bikes ideas - Eurocycles Ireland

Explore the Best Bike Accessories for Your Child's Adventures.

Are you looking for exciting bike accessories to make your child's riding experience even more enjoyable and safe? Have you got relatives and friends asking you what to get for your little ones this Christmas, but you are stuck for ideas? Look no further! In this article, we will explore a variety of fun bike accessories that will enhance your child's riding experience and ensure their safety. From colourful streamers to creative bike bells, we've got you covered. Let's dive in! 

Colourful Bike Bells: Ring in the Fun

Installing a colourful bike bell is an excellent way to add personality to your child's bike while ensuring their safety. These attention-grabbing bells not only add a unique touch to your child's bike but also serve as a safety feature, alerting pedestrians and other cyclists. Let your child's personality shine through their choice of bike bell! 

Whether it's a cute Disney Princess bell or a vibrant bell, we have a variety of bicycle bells to let your child express their personality. Your child will enjoy ringing the bell, making their presence known and adding an element of playfulness to their bike rides.


Stylish Bike Streamers: Add a Splash of Colour and Whimsy.

Streamers are a classic accessory that instantly adds flair to any bike. These colourful strips of fabric attached to the handlebars flutter in the wind as your child pedals along. Not only do they make the bike look attractive, but they also create a visually captivating experience for your child. As they ride, the streamers create a beautiful burst of colours, making their adventure even more enjoyable.


Fun Handlebar Grips: Comfortable and Eye-Catching.

Upgrade your child's bike with playful and comfortable handlebar grips. These grips provide a comfortable grip. They come in various shapes and colours to suit little hands. Your child will enjoy holding onto the handlebars, feeling extra confident and excited during their rides.


Adorable Bike Baskets: Carry Your Child's Essentials in Style.

Let your child take their toys, snacks, or favourite teddy along for the ride with a cute bike basket. These adorable baskets are a sturdy and fashionable addition to any bike and easily attach to your child's bicycle. With our kids' bike baskets, they can carry their essentials in style, making sure they have everything they need for their bike adventures.


Funky Bike Helmets: Safety with Style.

Safety should always be a top priority when it comes to biking. Invest in a funky bike helmet that protects your child's head while showcasing their unique style. Choose from our wide selection of designs, colours, and patterns. Your child will not only feel safe but also look cool as they ride with confidence.


Keep them safe and seen on the roads with high-vis vests.

Ensure your peace of mind when your children are riding their bicycles to school or on the roads by enhancing their visibility with our high-visibility vest. These practical vests can be worn over their jackets, guaranteeing their safety and visibility.


Protect their hands in style: Stylish cycling mitts.

An ideal accessory for any young cyclists, the Altura Airstream Kids Cycling Mitts are perfect to protect their hands. The Amara suede palm adds comfort to their ride, while the adjustable cuff ensures the gloves grow with your child. The bright and dynamic prints make it highly attractive to children who want to look the part. 


Cute Bicycle Doll Seat to carry their doll or teddy.

With this bike seat, your child's beloved doll can join them on every cycling adventure. The seat is designed to securely hold the doll in place, ensuring a safe and comfortable ride for both your child and their doll or teddy. Attaching the toy carrier to the bike is a breeze, giving your child the joy of having their favourite toy accompany them on all their bike rides.


By incorporating these fun bike accessories, you can enhance your child's riding experience and make it even more enjoyable. From adding bursts of colour to ensuring their safety, these accessories will ignite their imagination and keep them engaged during their rides. So, why wait? Treat your children to these exciting bike accessories and let them become the talk of the town. Happy riding!